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    Anti-collapse Pallet Rack Mesh System

    Call for pricing
    • Available on rapid delivery
    • A pallet rack mesh safety screen, which helps prevent accidents whilst handling and storing goods.
    • Panels are available in 3 sizes with a choice of 100 x 50mm, 50 x 50mm or 25 x 25mm mesh apertures. Also various size stand-off brackets are available. The Musca Anti Collapse Safety Bracket & System is capable of withstanding impact of up to 2000 Joules
    • Guide price per linear metre - £25.00

    Narrow Aisle & High Bay Racking

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    • For faster order picking
    • Narrow aisle and high rise racking combines most of the advantages of conventional racking with advantages of better floor utilization and more efficient pallet handling. 
    • Suitable for varying sizes of pallets
    • Full access to all pallets
    • Meets FIFO requirements
    • For varying numbers of articles & volumes
    • Must be operated with Very Narrow Aisle trucks
    • Pallet handling & picking on levels with combination

    Pallet Flow Racking

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    • The faster buffer
    • Pallet Flow is a compact storage system where pallets are transferred automatically from the entrance to the exit part of the racking and offers improved internal logistics as well as high density storage.
    • High density storage
    • Meets FIFO requirements
    • For uniform articles & pallets
    • Can be operated with reach truck &/or counterbalanced fork lift
    • Requires good quality pallets

    Pallet Pull-Out Units

    From £608.72 excl VAT
    • Pull-out units are an important part of a highly efficient picking operation.
    • They are designed to be pulled out of the racking with very little force, whilst containing a full load of up to 1,000Kg.
    • In their extended position, a person is able to reach all the stored items without straining their back or placing themselves within the racking.
    • You no longer need to remove items from their original pallets, goods can be stored on the pull-out unit & picked by hand directly from the racking.
    • Releasing the safety catch and pulling on the unit’s handle results in the pallet and its goods being brought out of the rack into the aisle, making them accessible from three sides for hand picking. 
    • Floor mounted application pull out units - finish RAL 5010
    • The units are universal & can be mounted onto beams - contact us for design check & pricing
    • Other options available:
    • Euro 1200mm load face, 1000kg with 93% pull out both universal & floor only types
    • Euro 800mm load face, 650kg with 100% pull out
    • Special dimension pallets can be catered for - P.O.A.
    • All loads are based on uniformly distributed pallet loads

    Push-Back Racking

    Call for pricing
    • Gravity ensures access
    • Push-Back Racking is a high density application for
      up to 6 pallets in depth where pallets are picked and delivered at the front of the racking.
    • High density storage
    • First in, last out principle
    • Either short-side or long-side handling of pallets
    • Loading and unloading on the same side
    • Can be operated with reach truck &/or counterbalanced fork lift

    Drive-In Racking

    Call for pricing
    • Compact Storage Solution
    • Drive-In Racking is the perfect solution for high density storage of large quantities of similar goods in, and often used in cold store environments.
    • High density storage - high floor utilisation
    • Suitable for large quantities of few articles
    • First in, last out principle
    • Not full access to all pallets
    • Can be operated with reach truck and/or counterbalanced fork lift


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